“Just wanted you to know that I received my gauge today…simply beautiful. Thanks so much. You sir are a gem. Outstanding work, fair prices and straight forward good old-fashioned American business principles. As a businessman in Virginia, Washington DC, and NYC, I can’t tell you how refreshing that is for me as I see the other-side of the coin all too often.”
– Rich

“I sent Kevin my gauge cluster for refurb and he has been sending me pictures of the progress. I must say, it’s looking real good and Kevin’s communication is spectacular. I got mine in the mail today. It looks incredible. Thanks again, Kevin, your doing fantastic work.”
– Izzy in Little Elm, Texas

“Daaaaaaamn that looks good”
-Abe in Tennessee

“Just got my cluster back from Kevin and as you can see he did an awesome job. My cluster wasn’t too bad but Kevin really made it look nice, and he only had it a few days. Good as new.”
C.S. in Riverton, Utah

– fatboy4211 in Ennis, Texas

“Dropped mine off to Kevin yesterday. He has already sent me multiple texts to let me know the status and thinks it will be done by Tuesday even though he had to order a new oil pressure gauge. This guy is on the ball and super easy to work with. Definately someone I would do business with again.”
– ztoolman44 in Farmington, Utah

“I never thought i would say that speedometers were an art form, but buddy that is a work of art. You have making them look new again mastered, what else can I say but awesome job”

“Unbelievable work and amazing turn around. I will definately be sending more work your way”
-Jon Harmston

“Got mine back today. It looks so good, I think I should hang it on the wall with the kids pictures!
SUPER JOB! thanks”

“Yep, the real deal. If you are having issues with your gauges and/or would like them refurbished, I highly recommend Kevin’s services. Communication and work are second to none – very professional. Thanks!”

“Thanks Kevin.. Awesome work”

“I received my cluster back a few weeks ago and just got around to opening it to look at it (yes, I have been that busy). It looks GREAT! Now all I need is the truck back from the painter to put it in! Thanks!”

“Got my gauge back from Kevin last week and it looks great. Before I found out about his work, I was thinking about the aftermarket gauges to put into my rig but the $450.00 Dakota price tag turned me off. My speedo needle was bouncing around was the reason for looking into the aftermarket. Fifty bucks was cheap for cleaning and repairing and like I said, Kevin did an excellent job on it. One more thing-the stock Bronco gauge cluster is way more cool and classy than the aftermarket gauges.”

“Kevin, I can’t wait to see the cluster in the dash. I’ve toyed with different variations of this over the last year, aftermarket or factory. Once Kevin first posted his refurbishment of the stock cluster, I knew which way I wanted to go. Kevin has been great to work with and has breathed life into a kernel of an idea I had. Thank You Sir”

“I must say, that is some mighty fine work.. “and art too” of course”

“I got my gauge today very nice work I was only thinking you were going to put little brakets on the voltage gauge it was a nice surprise to see it jb welded in and i know you send a letter with your gauges when you send them back wasnt expecting that very nice touch. I would say if you can have Kevin work on your gauge, go for it”

“Thanks Kevin so much for doing that. It look’s so much better and works grate!”

“I just received my gauge cluster back from Kevin, he did an excellent job. I wanted something different and he far exceeded my expectations. I plan to have other gauge clusters I’ll be using receive his magic touch as the time comes. Thank you Kevin!!!!”

“Kevin did one for me already. I just sent him another that he is going to really jazz up for me. His work is great, he’s very responsive to emails and just plain does great work”

“very nice”

“I just received my refurbished guage cluster and it looks brand new. Thanks for the great job”
-Tad Keller

“That is awesome work”

“Looks great, Kevin. Thanks”
-Mark P

“Kevin – Great work as expected Just received my custom instrument cluster with blue background and it is absolutley a work of art. Thanks for helping me with my second cluster. I’m grinning ear to ear!”

“Kevin’s the man ! i can’t wait to put these bad boy’s on my 66!!!! thanx again kevin and i WILL be sending some more stuff for you to work your magic on!”
-Steve G